Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Innova Monarch now available in star plastic.

new course at Bunker Hills next year

Here is the reply on an email that I sent to the director of
Anoka county parks.


Thank you for your e-mail. We really appreciate hearing from the
public and our customers.

Currently, Anoka County is planning to install a disc golf area at
Bunker Hills Regional Park next year. The facility will be located just
east of the picnic area, and will be designed to accommodate up to 18
holes. The area is in an attractive location for disc golf, with
rolling hills, trees, and wetlands. The park is also centrally located
to the county, so it will be as accessible as possible to the most
people. We have been considering disc golf at the park since the master
plan was updated in the late 90's, and so are anxious to finally see it
going in.

With regard to Rum River Central, I think your idea is an intriguing
one. At this point, we have financing to install a Mountain Bike Trail
in 2009 in the north half of the park. That is the only pending
development at this time. However, we would be happy to consider your
idea in future development phases. If you could, I would be interested
learning more about where you might see the course being installed.
Please let me know and I will discuss it with our park planner for
future consideration.


John VonDeLinde
Director of Parks and Recreation
Anoka County Parks and Recreation
550 Bunker Lake Boulevard

I sent a response, We will see what comes of that.
The Bunker course is good news.