Thursday, November 21, 2013

Highbridge Hills

Highbridge Hills: "North central Wisconsin is probably not the first place you think of if you are looking for the disc golf meca, but If you want to take a trip to play disc golf, and you want to go where you will be challenged, and will not get bored, Highbridge hills is the place to go. There are 6 courses open now and 4 more coming. They have a variety of types of holes, to challenge you and let you experience an all disc golf trip, with enough variety for just about anything you can think of."

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Disc golf course set up at Placek Park — — Readability

Disc golf course set up at Placek Park — — Readability: "WAHOO – Wahoo area residents will be able to play a new sport close to home.

A disc golf course has been set up at Placek Park in Wahoo.

Don and Lois Fick of Wahoo have enjoyed the sport for some time and helped to make the new course possible.

A grand opening at the park was held last Friday.

“I think it will be fun,” Don Fick stated. “I think peo"

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