Friday, February 8, 2013

Innova Disc Golf «

Innova Disc Golf « "I’ll never forget the first time I held a Birdie by Innova Disc Golf. After playing for a couple years, I had gotten used to the beveled-edge nature of all the discs and amassed a fair amount, but was still looking for a putter that I felt comfortable with. While the Birdie didn’t end up being the right putter for me, in it I did find a straight flying approach disc that could “sit soft” and really put on the brakes when it had to."

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2013 Steady Ed Tour - DGA | Disc Golf Association

2013 Steady Ed Tour - DGA | Disc Golf Association: "This year the “Steady” Ed Tour will once again be running a point based rating system for all of the events involved with our series. The point structure will be based off the PDGA point system. Since all of our tournaments are PDGA sanctioned, players playing in these events already accumulate points from the PDGA. The PDGA determines these points partly based on what tier the tournament is. This means that like the PDGA system players are eligible to earn more points at those higher tiered events."

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College student attempts world record to raise team funds

College student attempts world record to raise team funds: "Sure, a lot of disc golfers would probably say they would play 24 hours a day if they could. But if push came to shove, who would actually step up and do it?

University of California, Santa Barbara freshman Mike Sale, for one. And he’ll also be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most disc golf holes played in a 24-hour span."

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Innova Discs

The Champion Roc3 is a fast, straight Roc that excels at controlled approaches and Mid-Range drives. The Champion Tern is a fast slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws"

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