Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Halo disc for Latitude 64

Our latest driver is here!
HALO is a high speed long range driver with excellent speed and distance. This is the longest driver we´ve produced until today. The wide weight span will make it fit in many players bags, from pros to amateurs. For a hundred meter toss it feels stable and consistent.

We are finally done with a new wide rim driver called Halo and we are very pleased with the final result! This is Jesper's third signature disc and it is a kind of disc he has wanted us to produce for some time. The flight is stable to overstable depending on distance. It has a lot of speed and feels quite easy to release and grip despite the wide rim. For golf distance this is the longest driver we have produced until today. Halo is available in a wide weight range, 163-176g, and is released in both Opto line and our new plastic Gold line.

Max Weight: 176.0
Diameter: 21.2
Height: 1.4
Rim Depth: 1.1
Inside Diameter: 16.3
Rim Thickness: 2.4
Depth/Diameter: 5.2
Rim Config: 26.25
Flexibility: 11.11