Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tee Off And Fly Freely - DGA | Disc Golf Association

Tee Off And Fly Freely - DGA | Disc Golf Association: "“Steady” Ed Headrick (PDGA #001) was affectionately referred to as the Father of Disc Sports, and more specifically the Father of Disc Golf  for his role in the creation of the  sport we all know and love.  He tirelessly traveled the United States and other parts of the world spreading the joy of the flying disc and planting the seeds of disc golf everywhere he went. With the ever growing popularity of the sport, it’s safe to say that Ed’s early work helped lay the foundation for disc golf’s current success."

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The Official Handicapping Service for Disc Golf — www.discgolfunited.com

The Official Handicapping Service for Disc Golf — www.discgolfunited.com: "Disc Golf Association presents: The Hobson Grove Challenge, a performance based event
April 10 & 11, 2013
Performance Based Tournament:
Your score is based on how much above or below your expected score"

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Why use OS discs for FH? - Disc Golf Course Review

Why use OS discs for FH? - Disc Golf Course Review: "o here are some things I have heard over and over again:

- You should start new players with understable discs so they don't develop bad habits like OAT.

- You should be able to forehand any disc you have.

- OS discs hide OAT and other problems with your throws much more than US discs do.

- Top FH throwers will FH US discs."

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PDGA Question — www.dgcoursereview.com

PDGA Question — www.dgcoursereview.com: "I am interested in joining the PDGA this year. This first sanctioned tournament I would like is roughly a month and a half away. However, I am noticing the tournament registration is filling fast. "

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Austin Disc Golf Growing In Popularity | The Daily Texan

Austin Disc Golf Growing In Popularity | The Daily Texan: "Disc golf, a game where individuals throw frisbees of varying sizes at short metal targets, has grown into an underground sensation and Austin is among the primary hubs of its expansion. Professionals in the field attribute increasing participation to the laid back nature of the sport, its affordability and appeal among younger audiences.
According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, membership in Texas increased by 972 participants between the years of 1999 and 2012. Additionally, Texas offers 216 disc golf courses - 44 more than second place California."

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HeavyDisc: Improving Back Hand Distance

HeavyDisc: Improving Back Hand Distance: "I watch an absurd a reasonable (depending on who you ask) amount of disc golf on youtube and the one thing I've noticed in the difference between the top pros and the top Am's is how consistent the pros are. Top pros will put a 200' shot within 30' of a pin 9 out of 10 times.

At the core of consistency in most sports is creating body mechanics that are reproducible. Consider a pro baseball pitcher throwing a pitch or a pro tennis player hitting a serve: each repetition is nearly indistinguishable from the next. Once it's completely reproducible - it's much easier to be consistent and can be counted on to go where you want it to."

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