Monday, March 29, 2010

This week in disc golf March 29

This week in disc golf March 29
There were 2 A tier pro tournaments this weekend,
the Sunshine state shootout a National tournament
that was won by The Champ Ken Climo, followed by
Nate Doss, Dave Feldberg, Nikko Locastro and Garrett
Guthrie. Valarie Jenkins who appears to be all healed
up from her leg injury at the Memorial wins by 14 strokes
in the Women’s division. The Texas state championship
was also held this weekend and won by Eric McCabe.

Disc Golf Specialty Shots

Disc Golf Specialty Shots
In playing disc golf, there are two basic shots. The forehand
and the backhand throws. Outside of the two main throws
are several specialty shots, some are worth learning. Some
specialty shots are not worth learning unless you have
perfected the rest. Two other throws that are worth learning
are the Roller shot, and the overhead shot. In many situations
they can be shots that can take strokes off your game. The
ultimate goal of all disc golfers. These shots are at least
worth checking out.

Disc golf approach shots

Disc golf approach shots
Not everyone will agree, but if you want to lower your scores,
the approach shots are the most important shots in disc golf.
The best way to take strokes off off of your game, is to improve
your putting and approach shots. As in ball golf, they don't get
the focus that the drive does, everyone loves to throw a drive
500 feet, and 50 foot putts are always exciting. If you can
throw a drive 250 feet, and then park your approach under
the basket, for a drop in putt, it a sure thing that you will
have better scores.

How to avoid losing your disc golf discs

How to avoid losing your disc golf discs

The most common ways to lose your disc golf discs is.

1. To throw them into the woods or long grass and not be able to locate them.

2. To play in winter and lose them under the snow.

3. To throw them into water and they sink.

I am going to show you things to do to help you avoid losing your discs.