Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Discraft high speed disc

News from Discraft is a new fast disc is about to be launched.
Here is the new from them.

NUKE: our fastest, longest driver will be exploding off the tee pad very soon. Get ready to seize the power...

Here is what Mark Ellis said about the Nuke. "We have been testing prototypes for the past month or so. The latest run has a really tasty and unique version of ESP plastic. The official first run has not been made yet but given the positive feedback, I would guess this plastic will be replicated.

The Nuke (sometimes spelled Nuk, not sure what the final decision was) is an ultra wide rimmed, high speed driver. Some of the big armed Discraft Pros have been anxiously awaiting its PDGA approval so they can unleash it during events."