Monday, August 17, 2009

Discs that float

I have seen several questions about what discs float.
I put together a list so everyone can see.

Aerobie- Sharpshooter
Discraft- None that I could find
Dga- Blowfly
Ching - none
Gateway - none
Discwing - none
Snap - none
millenium - none
Innova - Dragon dx, Hydra dx and rpro, 150g pro pig
Quest - Odyssey ultra, Odyssey powerdriver, Odyssey control, Odyssey midrange, crossfire, Raging inferno dt ultra light, Inferno ultra light, Tbone ultra light, Rockit ultra light.
Lightning- #2 driver, #3 flyer under 170g, #1 slice under 170g, #3 hookshot under 170g, #2 hyzer, #3 hyzer, Rubber putter, #2 Rubber putter, #2 Roller under 182g.

If I missed any let me know and I will add them.

Vibram Open tournament results

Click here to see results

My review of Elm Creeks new disc golf course

Elm Creek disc golf course is mostly open now. There are 3 holes closed.
1,2,3 are suppose to be open by fall.
The course is 7188ft, par 56. Nice concrete tee pads. The cost to play is $3.00, a very resonable price. The course was created by Par 72 course design, timmy gill.

We started at 7am. Played 2 and 1/2 rounds. By the end it was very windy, the course is very tough in a strong wind. In the calm it is a challenging course with some long holes and the need to be have controled shots.

I would recommend it and I will play it again.
Here is a video made by someone that shows some ot the course.