Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Disc golf where to play

Disc golf where to play:

"Some people like variety in the disc golf
courses they play; some like to play the same course all the time.
Unfortunately not everyone has a choice. There may be only one
or two courses available to you. For those who have more choices,
or if you are going to be traveling, there are a few good places to
find where to play disc golf."

Disc golf and wind, how to play in it

Disc golf and wind, how to play in it:

"If you play disc golf, you know that the most frustrating and
most influencing weather issue you will face is strong wind.
The wind can greatly affect your disc golf game both physically
and mentally, but there are things you can do that will lessen
the effect, and allow you to use it to your advantage."

This week in disc golf May 17

This week in disc golf May 17:

"This week in disc golf there is another NT event, a couple
of other A-tier events and as most weeks many B and C-tier
events around the United States and a couple in Sweden, on
e in Germany, one in the U.K, as well as leagues all over the country."