Sunday, August 28, 2011

Discraft Ace Race

Discraft Ace Race: This year's proto is unique and sweet, and we think you're going to love it! It's the widest diameter putt and approach model Discraft has ever offered, so it can legally weigh in at a hefty 183 grams (subject to PDGA approval)... that's at least a full seven grams more than other putters! The disc is obedient to its master and goes where you throw it, delivering directional precision and soft, flat landings. The rim is beadless and feels great in your hand. Think of it as a shorter, slower Comet that is hungry for chains.

Targets Arroyo Disc Sports

Targets Arroyo Disc Sports

New Disc golf baskets approved by PDGA.
This basket has crossing chains inside to stop
discs from going through.

NT Points | Professional Disc Golf Association

NT Points | Professional Disc Golf Association: NT Points going into the second to last NT event:

Players in the “Drive for the Championship” National Tour points race have one last chance to improve their totals by dropping a lower point score this weekend at the Scholl’s Bicycle Center Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open before they head into the final crowning event on Labor Day weekend.