Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tips for newcomeers to disc golf

Tips for newcomeers to disc golf: "f you’re interested in taking up disc golf, here are some tips:

• Disc golfers use special discs which are smaller than traditional Frisbees and cost about $15. There are drivers, mid-range discs and even rollers, which speed along the ground toward the hole."

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50 states of disc golf

50 states of disc golf: "Take me to the park," high school student Larry Kirk said in the spring of 1978. "I want to know what this game is."

The game was Frisbee golf, a game that has evolved into disc golf. Played much like traditional golf, a player attempts to throw a disc into basket in the fewest number of shots. As a player moves down the fairway, they must make their shot from the spot where the previous throw landed."

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