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Ski hill transforms into disc golf course

By Melissa Ganje & photojournalist Carrie Kohlmeier, FOX 21 News
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DOUGLAS COUNTY - A trek through the woods and a game of skill. There's a new disc golf course at Mont du Lac in Douglas County.
It's an outdoor sport one Duluth man can't get enough of. Bryan Lagergren says, "I've been playing since 1996. I think within 2 weeks after I started playing, I ended up selling my golf clubs, really fell in love with the sport."
So, he decided to design and build a disc golf course. "It's been my dream forever, I've always wanted to just get a chunk of property and have my own course," said Lagergren.
His family bought Mont du Lac from the original owners in January. In the winter, the 232-acre property will still remain a ski hill but after the snow leaves, a disc golf course will be open and ready for play 7 days a week.
"It's just an awesome course, the elevation change; it's a workout to play this course," said Evans Mealman of Duluth.
The course just opened a month ago after Lagergren spent about 6 weeks building it with help from friends. "There were probably maybe 4 or 5 of us that came out here and put in some hard work but I think it's definitely paying off for everyone now," said Derek Pederson of Duluth.
It's an 18 whole course right now but by the end of the week, Lagergren said there will be 21 holes ready to play.
"I wanted to just kind of show off all the terrain that's out here. We have straight shots, we have tight tunnel shots and we have a couple holes where you shoot up to the water and a couple where you shoot over the water," said Lagergren.
Through wooded terrain and open field, from 185 feet to the longest hole at 605 feet. "The variety of holes, there is everything you could possibly ask for, said Pederson.
"Lagergren is just a mad scientist when it comes to setting up disc golf courses so it's bound to be crazy," said Mealman.
It is one challenging course, built on a ski hill, secluded and serene. "Most of the time you come out here, you have the whole mountain to yourself. You can hear the birds chirping, it's pretty peaceful," said Lagergren.
"You can get out away from everything, away from the town, away from a ton of people and just get out and relax," said Pederson.
Mont du Lac is just off Minnesota Highway 23, south of Duluth's Fond du Lac neighborhood. The disc golf course is open at 10 a.m. 7 days a week. It's $5 a day or $30 for a season pass.
There is also disc golf leagues on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. and a tournament on July 11-12, Lagergren says anyone is welcome to participate. Call Mont du Lac at (218) 626-3797 for more information.

Giants Ridge Disc golf

Drive your discs at one of Minnesota's best disc golf courses! Situated in over 180 acres of wilderness with over 10,000 feet of fairway distance, our course is one of the world's largest. Our 18-hole mountain course has dual concrete tees and multiple pin placements. We have a pro shop, practice tee, and driving range. Instruction is available. Average play time for 18 holes is 3-1/2 hours.

Season Passes:
Adult Season Pass - $60
Age 14 and younger - $40
Daily Rates:
Adult Rate - $5 (includes access to course all day)
Children - $3 (ages 12 and under)
Disc Rental - $5 (includes 3 discs and a carrying bag)
* Rentals may require a $6 deposit for lost discs or a $2 additional charge for each disc lost.

Course map

Virtual tour

Two new courses near Duluth

Minnesota gets two new Disc Golf Courses
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Good news for Frisbee Golf Disc fans out in the Land of One Thousands Lakes, Minnesota has opened two new Disc Golf courses in the Northland area. According to an article from the Duluth News Tribune, two new Frisbee Golf courses are opening up near Duluth. One of the Minnesota Frisbee Golf courses is at the Mont du Lac ski area in Wisconsin, sure to be a fun time for all the avid Frisbee golfers outer there in Wisconsin, not too far from Duluth. If you are in the area get your Frisbee golf discs over there and see what the course is like. We’d love to hear about your Frisbee golf course review.

The second Frisbee golf course in the Duluth, Minnesota area in at the Morgan Park Disc Golf Course in Duluth. It is a seven-hole Frisbee golf course that is located at 1242 88th Ave. W. This is the second disc golf course in Duluth, as there already is one at Lake Superior College. Great news if you like Frisbee golf and live near there. If you are you have to get some Frisbee golf discs and get out there on the links. According to the Duluth News Tribune, the course might eventually expand to a nine hole disc golf course: “We have a potential for two more holes, but the city wants to see how this goes first,” said Morgan Park Neighborhood Coordinator Debbie Isabell Nelson. Apparently Duluth’s newest Frisbee golf course was a joint partnership between the town and local businesses and residents. The city bough five of the Frisbee Golf baskets, while the money for the other two were collected from local businesses and area residents. And if you haven’t gotten a Frisbee golf disc, here your chance! The City will give away 250 free disc golf discs for people who do good deeds. The grand opening will be from 6:30 – 8pm on Thursday.

And the other disc golf course in Mont Du Lac is no joke either. It is a full-sized disc golf course with 18 holes of Frisbee golf action. You know there are tons of Frisbee golf players that can;t wait to check it out. It was designed by Bryan Lagergren of Duluth. Some of the Frisbee golf holes will be long and others will be shorter. The longest Frisbee golf hole is 605 feet while the shortest is a par-3 185 feet. The Frisbee golf course features woods and open holes all along the beautiful skiing area. It is located on Minnesota Highway 23. it will cost $5 to play or you can buy a Frisbee golf season pass of r $30 bucks. “It’s been my dream forever,” said Lagergren, who built the course in six weeks with friends. “I wanted to just kind of show off all the terrain that’s out here. We have straight shots, we have tight tunnel shots. … We have a couple holes where you shoot up to the water and a couple where you shoot over the water.”

Loche ness course in Blaine set to open late Sept.

A nine-hole disc golf course is expected to open at the end of September at Lochness Park in Blaine.

"Get ready to enjoy the fall colors and a little disc golf," said Jim Kappelhoff, Blaine parks and recreation director.

The Park Board voted last November to move forward with disc golf course designer Mike Snelson of Fairway Flyerz Discs, Inc. Snelson served as the lead designer for nine disc golf courses, co-designer for four courses and design adviser for 14 courses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Because Lochness is a former landfill capped in the 1970s, no construction can happen at the park without Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approval. That approval has been granted, but construction is postponed until trees around the course can be trimmed.

Kappelhoff told Sun Focus because trees can spread diseases such as oak wilt and dutch elm when in vegetation, trimming can't start until after August.

The length of the course is almost 4,000 feet for beginners and more than 5,000 feet for professional disc golf players. The par is 36 for all players.

The total estimated cost is $9,811, which includes labor and equipment. Kappelhoff told the Park Board that amount could be almost cut in half because the Blaine Public Works Department would install most of the tee boxes and targets.

Kappelhoff said anyone interested in playing disc golf will need to bring their own discs, which are relatively cheap.

"Some people have discs in their garages," he said.