Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Updates!! |

Updates!! | "Twin grove weekend was awesome! Mother Nature..not so much!
Coming up!!"

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Innova Disc Golf | Innova LOC8™ GPS System

Innova Disc Golf | Innova LOC8™ GPS System: "Phones have it. Cars have it. Some cameras and watches even have it. We put four and fore together and came up with LOC8™. We're proud to announce the first GPS trackable disc system, INNOVA LOC8™. LOC8™ features GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC all packaged together in a micro-chip, molded directly into the disc rim."

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Northwest Disc Golf News

Northwest Disc Golf News: "It's on! We have the concrete scheduled to arrive at 8am, on Saturday April 12th, for tee pads. We need bodies and wheel barrows as most tee pads will be away from where the truck can go.

Also this Sunday starting at 9am we will start getting the form work in!!!!!

Let me know if you can make it and if you can bring a wheel barrow!"

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[Drivers] floaters - Disc Golf Course Review

[Drivers] floaters - Disc Golf Course Review: "There are lot of water holes around and I have tried all kinds of discs that float in water. I do not any to the point that I say that is my floater. I carry a Wahoo, #2 driver & #2 hyzer. My wish is to have a fast disc that will float in water. However, more stable than the Wahoo. "

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