Sunday, October 11, 2009

Very cool story about a post on a forum

Stolen Disc Golf Bag And Discs

Innova Dart in Star plastic

Innova will be releasing the Dart in Star plastic on Oct. 19. Here is what they say about it." The Dart is now available in a new extra grippy Star Plastic blend. The Star Dart has the same great flight and chain catching ability as the R-Pro.

Innova Boss in Pro plastic

Will be released on Oct. 19. Innova says."Players have been asking for the Pro Boss and now they can have it. The Boss is now available in our Pro plastic blend. It has the great grip that players have come to expect along with the added glide of our pro plastic blend. Initial weight ranges are 165g to 175g .

New Star Roc

Innova is releasing the Roc in star plastic on Oct. 19. Here is what Innova says."A blast from the past with a new age twist. The vintage Roc that started it all meets our high tech Star plastic to form the Star San Marino Roc."

New Innova Discs

The Mako is a midrange disc that has the flight of a putter. Speed 4, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 0. Here is what Innova says about the Mako. "The Mako is a large diameter mid-range disc. The Mako is our straightest flying and straightest finishing mid-range disc. It has the flight characteristic of a putter, with the glide and speed of a mid-range disc." Will be released on Oct. 19 in Star plastic.

2009 NorCal Championships

Oct. 17, 18. Nate Doss registered to play in this tournament. In Monterey California.

Flying Eye Open

Flying eye open on Oct. 17,18. Not a very big field, but Avery Jenkins is registered to play in this tournament in Athens Ga.

Blue Ribbon Pines Open

On Oct.18, 2009 BRP open. A tier C tournament, at my home course.
Check out the course.