Thursday, February 7, 2013

8th Annual Disc Golf Ice Bowl Set Saturday - 02/07/2013 -

8th Annual Disc Golf Ice Bowl Set Saturday - 02/07/2013 - "The Chattanooga Flying Disc Club will host the eighth annual disc golf Ice Bowl, titled Face-2-Face, on Saturday, at the event disc golf course located in the Riverpark in Chattanooga. It will consist of two rounds of 18. First round then lunch will be available at the course and $1 per throw CTP, closest to pin, for prizes followed by the second round. An auction and award ceremony will follow the last round."

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Disc golf Ice Bowl Feb. 10

Disc golf Ice Bowl Feb. 10: "The Lewiston Deer Meadow Disc Golf Course will be hosting a charitable (Ice Bowl) event on Sunday, Feb. 10, benefiting the Lewiston Food Pantry. The National Ice Bowl organization has custom discs and apparel to help local tournaments raise money for the local charity of its choice."

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Disc Golf Beginner Tip: “Miss Right” «

Disc Golf Beginner Tip: “Miss Right” « "The beginner tip to disc golfers of “miss right” is applied to Right Handed Back Hand (RHBH) players, and can be used as “miss left” for the opposite handed player. “Miss right” is a simple phrase I coined when I first began playing, and one that I still use to this day to encourage players to snap their wrist at release. “Miss right” may not be the best technical advice, and we understand that, but it encourages players to do whatever it takes to turn their disc over, and gain distance through greater disc rotation."

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