Monday, May 31, 2010

Get more distance on your disc golf drives

Get more distance on your disc golf drives: "One thing that most disc
golfers want to do is increase the distance of their drives. Throwing
for extra long distance requires a type of shot that you don't use
anywhere else."

Disc Golf Specialty Shots

Disc Golf Specialty Shots: "n playing disc golf, there are two
basic shots. The forehand and the backhand throws. Outside
of the two main throws are several specialty shots, some are
worth learning. Some specialty shots are not worth learning
unless you have perfected the rest."

Disc Golf Lingo

Disc Golf Lingo: "Most people who play disc golf know the regular
terms and language. There are lots of other words that people use
for describing things that happen on the course, that are not in the
dictionary, or in the general vocabulary for disc golf."

How To Buy A Disc Golf Bag

How To Buy A Disc Golf Bag: "Other than the discs that you use,
the most important part of your disc golf equipment is your bag.
It's where you put your disc, and all the other things that you need
to play disc golf. There are 41 choices of a disc golf bag that you
can buy now."

Stolen Disc Golf Bag And Discs

Stolen Disc Golf Bag And Discs: "This is a very cool, feel good story,
about a group of disc golfers that set out to help a fellow disc golfer.
They wanted to help, not to get something for themselves, but to do
what they would want someone to do for them."