Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vibram O-Lace Review — — Readability

Vibram O-Lace Review — — Readability: "For the folks at Vibram Disc Golf, the O-Lace has certainly been a journey with many unexpected twists and turns. Earlier this year the first prototypes of the overstable distance driver hit local disc golf courses. Some loved the initial prototype, some thought it was actually too overstable. After many hours of testing and paragraphs of feedback, Vibram decided they needed to retool the O-Lace. For now, they didn’t want a disc that overstable. They needed to bring it back a little bit. Well, the retooling went a little too far and they created a disc that was too similar to its Lace cousin. After another batch of retooling, Vibram has created quite a nice disc that seems to be exactly what they were looking for."

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