Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hyzer flip.... - Disc Golf Course Review

Hyzer flip.... - Disc Golf Course Review: "I need some education here in terms of hyzer flipping. I get the basic idea here, that you release a disc on a hyzer angle, and the goal is the it flips up straight and flies straighter than it would otherwise.

But I have seen some conversations and threads on here that have me questioning how this works. I thought you hyzer flipped a stable/understable disc. By putting it on a hyzer angle, (especially for a US disc) the natural flight of the disc is what flips it up from the hyzer angle, but that all of the right movement (RHBH) is "used up" (not the scientific terminology I am sure) and you are left with a disc flying straight at the target. I assume then there might be some fade at the end depending on the disc that is flipped."

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